We helped a partner grow their online revenue by 900% in just 2 years…

We specialize primarily in aggressive but intelligent search engine optimization and search result manipulation.

We are relentlessly focused on owning the organic search landscape in a given market then forming an alliance with the right company in that market – possibly yours – to exclusively fulfill all the business we generate.

How do we do it?

Stratosearch’s intelligent Organic Search Ownership (OSO®) system deploys multiple digital marketing properties dedicated to your primary keywords to ensure complete ownership of the search landscape in your market – and we send the business these generate, exclusively to you. We also work with you to optimize your main website to consistently and safely maximize its performance for the long term.

Why us?

  • Have your cake and eat it– we create, promote and manage digital marketing properties that achieve and even extend the market coverage you are looking for…fast. We can simultaneously work to optimize your main website utilizing only sustainable practices meaning long term performance. Our OSO® really does offer the best of both worlds.
  • Our deep expertise – we are part of an international internet marketing company founded in 2010, we have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in building, promoting and managing high-conversion digital marketing properties. Everything from technical optimization and on-site factors to rapid and large-scale link development.
  • Our infrastructure – we have the in-house capabilities to get projects up and running fast. We only work with a select group of clients and limit the number of deals we do per month to ensure high-levels of service and rapid implementation.

Apply now to learn more

We work exclusively with one partner per market and do a maximum of 4 new deals per month. Ambitious companies with the willingness and infrastructure to grow rapidly need only apply.

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